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Island Company was started in 2002 when Spencer Antle, Island Company’s Founder and Creative Director, was to embark on a Caribbean trip with his then-girlfriend. Unable to find a bikini for her that either liked, Spencer decided it would be  interesting to make a few bikinis and see if they could sell them. At the time neither had any fashion experience and Spencer was currently an award-winning television commercial director spending full-time directing commercials and writing screenplays. But it was after making the company’s first 13 bikinis, getting in their car and successfully selling the collection to stores and resorts across the US and Caribbean did he realize Island Company required more than just being a part time hobby.

Over the years Island Company has evolved beyond just a women’s collection of classic swimwear to become a focused lifestyle brand of tropical travel apparel worn the world over.

Island Company is sold in hundreds of the top resorts and boutiques in the tropics and has a full collection of men’s and women’s linen and cotton clothing, classic women’s swimwear, men’s swim trunks and boardshorts, bags, accessories, and original lines of suncare and vintage sunglasses. Island Company has launched its own retail division, opening freestanding stores in Nantucket, Grand Cayman, Martha’s Vineyard, Palm Beach and Naples.

Island Company continues to expand worldwide with more retail stores globally, and broaden its resort collection of apparel and accessories for every need a tropical traveler could require.