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“Spencer Antle, The Escape Artist” Feature in Real Life Magazine

“Island Company's enigmatic front man, designer, photographer and copywriter, he is a modern-day Prospero - an intrepid seeker and visionary, orchestrating every aspect of a diverse lifestyle brand that bottles and sells resort apparel along with a philosophy of escapism,” writes Juliet Austin of Spencer Antle, Island Company Creative Director and Founder, in Real Life Magazine. Nailing the lifestyle brand's mythical ethos, she continues. “His designs beckoned them to buy into the fantasy of Caribbean escapism; as if by donning très chic white linen or dreamy tropical prints, they too could - for one glorious moment - leave the drudgery of everyday life and drift away into barefoot bliss or rum bum oblivion, complete with retro ‘Johnny Prepp’ sunglasses, Islander tanning lotion and a Palm Leaf Tote to carry the champagne for sundowners on the beach.”